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29 Jan 2015


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 Here are the lyrics:
 1. Verse:
On a sunny day I'm happy
On a sunny day I smile
Flowers bloom in the sunlight
We play outside and we go and look for butterflies
 2. Verse:
On a rainy day  I'm happy
 On a rainy day I smile
Hills and trees look fresh and green
And I see rainbow coloured umbrellas in the streets
 3. Verse:
On a windy day I'm happy
 On a windy day I smile
All the leaves shake and fly
And my kite is flying high in the sky
 4. Verse:
On a snowy day I'm happy
On a snowy day I smile
Snowflakes fall on my window
Frozen leaves shine like silver stars in a dream


15 Jan 2015


When I say RED put your hands on your head.
When I say BLUE put your hands on your shoe.
When I say BLACK put your hands on your back.
When I say BROWN move your hands all around.
When I say GREEN wipe your face very clean.
When I say PINK just think, think, think!
When I say PURPLE make two little circles.
When I say GREY say "have a nice day!".