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25 Feb 2010

TASK FOR YEAR S 5 AND 6 (5º-6º)

Our friends from Romania want to know about our school. Can you make a Power Point presentation telling about Buenaventura School?
You have to:
1. Plan the contents (what you want to show): classrooms, buildings, playground, timetable, activities, celebrations, people…
2. Take pictures (if you don’t have a camera ask for one in Secretary)
3. Write short texts to explain the photos
4. Organise all in a Power Point
5. Keep it in a pen drive
6. Give it to your teacher
You can have a look at the presentation we put at the bottom of this site as an example.
The best presentation will be published here. All of them will be put on a DVD and sent to our partner school in Resita, Romania

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