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24 Jan 2010


Hello my friends at Buenaventura González school. My cousin Coty told me that you like squirrels like me. Good!

Do you know what squirrels like? NUTS!! all kind of nuts, even if they are only in language such as these:
-Be nuts
-Be nuts about something
-Nuts and bolts
-Drive nuts
-Go nuts
-In a nutshell
-Nut to crack
-Nut house

Can you go to a dictionary and find what they mean? Write the answers as a commnet below.


  1. Hello, my name is Isabel Peña. I am 10 years old. My class is 5ºc. Nut house means: Casa o tienda de frutos secos. I like go to nuts house with my cousins.

  2. Hello im Alex Agüeros.I am 10 years old.My class is 5ºC.Be nuts means:Estar loco.My brther is nuts.

  3. Hello Isabel! You are right: a "nut house" is what you say, BUT it also means the place where crazy people go (un manicomio o casa de locos)
    Thank you for your comment

  4. It's a bit unfair to say your brother Dany is NUTS, isn't it Alex?

  5. Hello I am Marina Frechoso. I am ten years old. My class is 5ºC. In a nutshell means: dentro de una cáscara de nuez. The squirrels play in a nutshell with their friends.

  6. Gossip squirrel: Can I put more comment please?

    I´m Isabel Peña

  7. Everyone can put as many comments ans they want to, Isabel. The only rule is to be polite and respectful.